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Totally psyched for Year 2 of Fantasy Fucking Golf! Are we gonna let Jake, Jody, Don, Jenny and Brett dominate us again this year? It all starts with the Masters this coming weekend, so start thinking about your golfers in between Final 4 games. Here are some of the changes we made based on your feedback: #1 - There was too much of a gap between tournaments last year, and that led to people forgetting to submit their golfers. The Green Jacket Master has increased our number of tournaments from 10 to 15 to help cover that gap and keep us in a rhythm. There are some stretches where we will go back to back weeks, but for the most part it's every other week. Check out the schedule tab for more details. #2 - We will continue to do everything on the website, but the good news is that the host has dropped the price from $10 to $5 per person, and lowered the minimum from $200 to $100. All this simply means for you is that I was able to lower the entry fee to $55 per person... Here's the link to the website: http://www.ffg.ProTourFantasyGolf.com If you forgot your password, just click on the links to reset. #3 - Speaking of entry fees, many of you recommended increasing the referral fee in order to get more people into FFG. As a result, I will be tripling the referral fee from $5 to $15. Let's make this a bug growth year for Fantasy Fucking Golf! I realize I'm not leaving you very much time to get out there and hit the streets, but it is what it is. Trust me, you'll have way more fun the more friends you get in. #4 - Many of you didn't like that you could only use a golfer 2 times last year. I say that's part of the strategy, but I've heard you loud and clear and have increased the minimum number of times from 2 to 3. Technically, you can actually use a golfer 4 times if that's how you choose to use your mulligans. Speaking of mulligans, I have asked the site host to see if we can increase from 3 last year to 4 this year. This will give you lazy bastards way more flexibility. More to come on that... #5 - On one hand, people didn't love the gap in tournaments last year, but on the other hand some people wanted the season to be shorter. That's a no-win situation for the Green Jacket Master, so here's what I've done. The season is still the same length, but as you saw we have added a few more tournaments. To alleviate the concern about playing all year, I've decided to shift the jackpot money MORE into winning each week. This way, in case you didn't get your picks in for a previous week, you'll still have plenty of chances to make more money by winning in any given week. Depending upon the final amount of people playing, I'm hoping to payout $30 each week for whoever wins that week - that way if you win 2 weeks you get your money back. (And we will still have over 50% of the jackpot saved for the Top 3 for the overall year) #6 - While the site has a strict deadline, please know that I have the ability to get picks in for you after that deadline. I don't love doing this, and do require that you send picks in quickly after the tournament starts, but this will allow you some more flexibility. To summarize - we some great changes based on your feedback, and I am looking forward to a great spring and summer this year on the fantasy links! I'll send a more formal email with all of the details later tonight, but wanted to get you re-engaged, get you out there referring people, and get you to start thinking about your Masters picks. It's almost here - a tradition like no other... the Masters... on CBS! Let's do this! Mike

League Commissioner: Michael Durant

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